At Din Textile Mills Ltd. we are placing greater emphasis on sound governance, which we believes crucial to long term success, in today’s business era services excellence  entails  professional  management  of  relationships,  products knowledge, ability to provide customized solutions. It calls for having right products, efficient processes and providing comfort and convenience to our customers.

Year 2015 witnessed depression in demand and prices of Textile Spinning Industry. This was ignited after the import of yarn specially from India. India gave subsidy/rebate on the export of textile products and since then Indian spinners dumped their yarn in Pakistan Local Market at exceptionally low prices, depriving the Local Yarn manufacturer of level playing field. The situation was further worsened by the shortage of gas and electricity faced by the local textile industry depressing the overall demand in domestic market.

Despite of all hardship and challenges to our economy, I am confident that Din Textile Mills Ltd. continues on a growth trajectory and the team is fully geared to respond to the challenges coming on the way, we are forward looking and remain committed to thinking beyond today. We will make all endeavors to provide best in class service to our valued customers. We stay committed to serving and safeguarding the rights of our stakeholders.  Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the commitment, dedication and hard work of our Board of Directors and employees.