Several features which have contributed to our growth and reputation include the exceedingly professional, high quality textile products for the various manufacturing companies. Out of all the factors, the most significant is our unwavering commitment to our Core Values. Our plans, and approach towards the market, changes in accordance with the varying market conditions. Din’s Core values will prove to be consistent to overcome future challenges.

Customer Orientation and Satisfaction

  • To achieve success, we believe in listing our customers and considering their needs.
  • Everything we do encompasses the fact that our customers remain satisfied in all aspects.

Responsiveness with Excellence

  • We strive for superior quality, even with the smallest task assigned. We are responsive to our customers, prospects and partners, separating Core Matrix from our competitors.

Integrity and Honesty

  • Core matrix is intolerant towards any legal or ethical breaches. We believe in the highest level of integrity, sincerity and honesty.

Exceeding Expectation with Team Work

  • In order to exceed the expectations of our customers, we respect each individual by contributing equally to the success of each effort laid.


Professionalism and Respect

  • Professionalism and Courtesy has always been the prior concern of our code of conduct.



  • In order to achieve positive outcomes, we believe in being open and honest with the give-and-take with customers, partners and peers.

Result Oriented

  • Core matrix must address each challenge with a “result-oriented” approach, and focus on the solution of the problems that arise.


  • Commitment and dedication can be observed with all that we do from emails, to proposals, to customer documents and meetings, to the phone calls, as well as training sessions.


  • There is passion and the ability to observe greater opportunities in every task we undertake.