The core values of Din Textile Mills Ltd. which are the vital part of our Success, Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism and Respect in all our business practices; are backed up by the creativity &  passion of  our   people.

The loyalty and confidence in our products and services is because of our solemnity in our business relations with our Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, Regulatory Agencies and the community as general. This is only possible because of the leaders at Din Textile who consider all this their one of the prime responsibility of setting example through personal performances and excellent attitudes to convey the ethical values to each Individual at Din Textile Mills Ltd

For retaining our glory and reputation, an uncompromising adherence to ethical excellence is integral for sustaining and creating the necessary strong foundation on which Din Textile had & can ‘Grow and Prosper!’ People at Din Textile today and in future, must be aware of and contribute for the high achieving standards required in all our business practices.

The Board of Directors on the whole is responsible for the appliance of ethical business practices and principles, which is applicable to every individual of Din Textile Mills Ltd. The word ‘Individual’ refers to you and your use in this code includes all employees and officers.

Share ownership 

The key objective of Din Textile is to ensure its people are able to share the value which they helped to create. This is achieved through the promotion of staff share owners hip.

Equal Opportunities 

Din Textile values the Individuality, Diversity and Creative potential that every individual brings to its business.  All employees are treated with equal respect and dignity and are provided with equality of opportunity to develop themselves and their careers. We want to attract, develop and motivate the best people. We are creating a working environment that is open, honest and unprejudiced, which encourages people to achieve their full potential. We value people      Individuality and team contributions and offer opportunities to share in the company commercial success.

Employment, Discrimination and Harassment:

Din Textile policy is to respect the human rights of all individuals compiling with National Laws considering working hours and good compensation. Din Textile enforces strict prohibition on the use of forced or child labor.

To Din Textile the harassment or discrimination of any individual is unacceptable. In particular, sexual and racial discrimination or harassment is totally unacceptable.

Human Capital Administrators & Managers are required to take account of  the core International Labor Organization conventions and strive to observe the United Nation Declarations on human rights, for a  guaranteed respected if the individual at Din Textile. What needs to be observed in particular is as follow:

“Universal respect for an observance of human rights and fundamental freedom for all without any discrimination. We remunerate fairly with respect to skill, performance, our peers and local conditions.”

Security of Information

Information generated within the organization including computer programs, is the property of Din Textile, and should not be disclosed without proper authority and authentication unless legally required.

Compliance With Laws

Din Textile, with its individuals, must comply with the laws and regulations of any country in which it is operating business. The policy applies without any exceptions. Particular areas to be noted here control the competition aspect, along with the communication laws. These concern safety, health and the environment as well. It is the responsibility of Din’s individuals to ensure, by taking appropriate advice by making them aware of all the relevant local laws.

Din Textile complies with the Listing, the Prospectus, and the Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

Use of Information for personal gain

Individuals must not use confidential information obtained during their employment in Din Textile for personal gains. Individuals responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of the sensitive and unpublished data and information of Din Textile must not provide that to any other individual outside the organization. The organization has enforced a strict share dealing code which prohibits individuals to trade the information internally.


Bribes are strictly prohibited to or from customers. Din Textile funds must not be used for the payments; direct or indirect, to government officials or individuals of state organizations for any unlawful or improper purpose.

Political Donations

Financial donations to political parties or for promotion of any political cause are strictly prohibited. Payments or gifts to any individual influencing any political decision for obtaining or retaining Din Textile business, is unacceptable.

Conflicts of interest

Individuals of Din Textile must avoid situations in which their personal or financial interests conflicts with those of the Din Textile while dealing with the Customers, Suppliers, Contractors, Competitors, Partners or any individual doing or seeking business from Din Textile. The individuals of Din Textile should act in favor of the group and personal preferences should not be a prior concern. Every Din’s Individual is welcomed for a sound advice whenever they find there selves facing a potential conflict of interest.

This all is not limited to owning shares with business partners, company shares trading, personal or family involvement in commercial transactions with Din Textile; but also includes such activities or owning any interest like borrowing from third party based on the business relationship of Din Textile.

Corporate Reporting and Internal Controls

It is important for every Din’s individual that all of the official accounts and records must be documented in such a manner that clearly identified and describes the true nature of business transactions, assets or liabilities, and properly and timely classification of the records; so as the entries presented and saved in the records are in conformity with the generally accepted accounting principles. No records, entry or document should be false, distorted, misleading, misdirected, deliberately incomplete or suppressed.

Din Textile strictly adhere the principles of good corporate governance and it is committed to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. Din Textile maintain effective, transparent  financial reporting and sound internal control system ensuring true and fair performance measurement and compliance with local regulatory requirements and  international accounting standards as applicable.

Din Textile competes enthusiastically but fairly in the operating markets in the true spirit to win the market. Din Textile being honest and trustworthy in all of its dealings had never and will not damage the reputation of competitors either directly or by implication or innuendo.

Din Textile had never and will not attempt to acquire information about a competitor’s business by disreputable means nor will it engage in restrictive trade practices of abuse any position of market dominance.

Din Textile had always been and wishes to be our customers’ first choice for the excellent quality and efficient services. Relationship based on mutual trust will help us deliver innovative solutions that anticipate and meet our customers’ needs.

Din Textile believes that reliability in dealing with customers is a prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship with them. In all advertising and other publications from Din Textile untrue, concealment and overstatement had always been and will be avoided.

Din Textile aims to develop and maintain best relationships with its suppliers based on mutual trust and embark on timely and agreed trade terms payments. Din Textile purchasing power must never be used unscrupulously. All of the information regarding the Din Textile and its suppliers must be respected and kept confidential. Din Textile buying decisions are always been a commitment of assurance that whatever material which is purchased for production and procurement, will always be safe for environment. We expect that our suppliers also enforce the same standards of employment, harassment and discrimination policies as like Din Textile.

Din Textile always communicates its business policies, achievements and prospects with honesty and in accordance with applicable guidelines and regulations. We always strive to create excellent long term value to reward investment. We will always maintain the highest standards of business practices and will be transparent in all our dealings as before.

Din’s individuals are encouraged for participation in the local communities and civil affairs. We at Din recognize our responsibilities as active members of the communities where ever we operate. Din strongly believes in contribution for the wellbeing of wider communities. Din emphasizes our efforts in community services like education, literacy, healthcare and we will respect the traditions, cultures and heritages.

Din Textile has always been given a great importance for protecting the environment in which we all live. We are concerned with the preservation of the environment in its broadest sense and recognize that certain resources are finite and must be used responsibly.

Din Textile believe to provide a clean, safe, healthy and pollution free environment  for all of the individuals who live in and around  Din Textile’s  manufacturing sites , by employing such technologies which are beneficial in maintaining and protecting environmental hygiene and health.

The examples given in this statement are not intended to be comprehensive and Din Textile individuals must endeavor to observe the principles that they embody.

Din Textile reputation depends on effective implementation of policies and it is the responsibility of all managers to ensure that this statement and these policies and their application are communicated, understood and taken seriously by all individuals. Din Textile Management must secure the co-operation of individuals and positively promote these policies by personal example, by clear guidance and by making advice available as appropriate.